What to See in Yogyakarta Apart from Borobudur Temple

While almost everybody you meet will mention Borobudur temple as part of what to see in yogyakarta, they would be geographically missing something. Borobudur is not part of Yogyakarta although its position is relatively close to the city. To reach the temple, you need to travel past the city borders. It would be safer if you book a hotel nearest to the temple rather than in Yogyakarta as the time it takes to reach the temple would quite shorter. But yes, you can always include the temple on your itinerary. Is it the only thing to see in Yogyakarta? You could not be any more wrong to have thought so. Yogyakarta will never run out of attractions to keep you entertained and engaged during your stay in the city.

If you want to know about what to see in yogyakarta city, you can find quite sufficient information about it on the net. From official government’s website to major online booking websites to personal blogs of travelers across the world, the informative bits of articles and comprehensive lists including all things interesting in Yogyakarta can be easily observed. Yogyakarta is not like other places in Indonesia that receive less exposure to the international world so explanations and expositions about things that make the city something not to be missed out on are provided in details.

So, what to see in yogyakartaindonesia? If you still struggle to find the answer to this question, you can use the following list as your reference. As a fair warning, the list only includes most popular attractions and activities in Yogyakarta and it omits Borobudur as one of the must-visit places in the city, as per the reason given at the beginning of this article.

  1. Enjoy everything silver in Kota Gede

Kota Gede is a small town south of the downtown and it was at one point in the past the capital of Mataram Kingdom. The town is a center of silverworks; there are stores lining the streets selling crafts made of silver. You can also take part in making some yourself but don’t be so hard on yourself if the result is nowhere on par with the ones made by the experts there.

  1. Catch Prambanan Sunset

Now, Prambanan is closer to the downtown than Borobudur is. The two is also different; Borobudur is of Buddhism while Prambanan is of Hinduism, with the three biggest temples are dedicated to Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, respectively. After exploring the temple complex for its sculptured walls, you can unwind by enjoy the sunset at the site.

  1. Watch Ramayana Ballet Show

While at Prambanan complex, you can book a seat to witness the epic Ramayana tale presented in the form of performance art. If you are not familiar with the tale, you can learn it quickly with booklets containing the essence of the tale, which are provided at the entrance.

  1. Visit Sultan’s palace and the water castle near it

Yogyakarta has a king that also acts as its governor, a status reserved special to Yogyakarta alone among the provinces of Indonesia. The king stays at his palace, called Kraton by the locals. The palace is influenced greatly by Javanese architecture and bears many pavilions. Taking pictures is generally allowed but there are some spots within the complex where this activity is strictly forbidden.



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